What is 360apps and a Social Technology Business?

Is a Social Business Enterprise (SBE) operating as a Social Technology Business.

Social Technology Businesses obtain revenues from acts that generate social improvements and serve a broader technology development purpose.
At 360apps our success depends on our ability to:
Provide Intelligent Business Solutions to as many membership management oriented SBE's as possible; which will enhance their ability to serve their client base more efficiently and cost effectively. This will allow them to grow while saving resources and funds in an extremely challenging fundraising environment
Excess revenues will be returned in form of credits against service fees


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360apps Applications On Demand

360apps On Demand is web-based, software as a service (SaaS) solution that provides a flexible deployment alternative for in-house legacy enterprise applications.
360apps On Demand helps SBE customers reduce total cost of ownership and dramatically simplify the management of their enterprise applications. Our SaaS -offering relieves IT management of the uncertainty, risk and often unpredictable expense surrounding delivery, maintenance and upgrades of mission-critical applications.

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360apps Core Applications an

360apps offers 10 core applications which are required for efficient operation and growth of all non profit, member oriented organizations. This suit of applications is called Social Business Enterprise Applications (SBEA)Software. The applications are individually Identified as:

    360apps Solutions :      
Membership Resource Management (360MRM)
Fundraising/Donation Resource Management (360FDRM)  
Camp Management (360CM)
Human Resource Management (360HRM)  
Child Care Management (360CCM)
Accounting (360Accounting)  
Customer Relationship Management(360CRM)
Report Master Reporting (360RMR)  
Web Services/Online Registration (360OLR)
Integrated Voice over IP (360VOIP)  

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